Care for your mind and your whole body. Pamper it because it is precious and all your own. Then, and only then, share the pampering with others. This is how we can make our community a better place. 

Hey there, I'm Jen

Most days you can find me working from home in south Minneapolis, using ALL the hand lotion to keep my hands looking young and happy. I have lived in Minneapolis for over 20 years, and even with all of the challenges my beloved city has been facing in recent years, I am still glad to call it home. My favorite musician grew up here after all, so it is a dream come true living in the place Prince is from! Check out more of my story at the link below.

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Goat Milk

Did you know the pH of goat milk is very similar to that of the human skin? When used in lotions, cleansers, and serums, it nourishes my skin like nothing else I have tried!



The natural powers in honey can include soothing of dry skin and antibacterial properties that are not harsh or drying.


Women Authors

The list of women authors who inspire me is LONG. From Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume in my childhood, to Maya Angelou and Anne Lamott in adulthood, I am always ready and willing to read works by women who are sharing their voice.